Woman Dies after 31 Years in Vegetative State

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 15th Jan 2014 was Merlyn Ann Jeremiah’s first anniversary who finally passed away peacefully after been in vegetative state for 31 years. Believe to be one of our country’s longest vegetative state survivors.

Life is unpredictable; she became vegetative at age15 after a complication from a minor operation to remove a corn on her foot. From then on, the active and friendly Merlyn became bedridden and could only eat through a tube. Her elderly parent and family member were the people that been taken care of her till her last breath.

How many of us can be like Merlyn, a fighter for 31 years?

Most of the parents will give their best for their children, but, are they ready for any misfortunes may occur. If yes, how long can their financial supports sustain?

Life is great when there is someone helping us along our life’s journey.

Nobody plans to fail but often many fail to plan. Therefore, let’s design our life by planning ahead a financial security for us and our love ones.

Be sure to chart your future.