Certified Financial Planner
Registered Financial Planner
Registered Financial Consultant
Life Planning Advisor
Rockwills Professional Estate Planner
Chartered Insurance Agency Manager (LIMRA,US)
Certified Accelerated Life Coach
Certified Practitioner of NLP

Ms Teu Lee Lian, the founder has been in the business for 21 years. She is also a dynamic mentor and coach for many in this industry.

The trust and encouragement from her supportive clients have made her full of confidence to create glorious in this career. She has also completed most of the professional papers which required in financial planning practices and conducting her business in.

Ms Teu is extraordinary as she is an optimal model for the modern woman to succeed. She started her financial planning career with zero capital in insurance planning and estate planning. She is a role model for every woman who chose to create her wonderful life. Her indomitable, fighting spirit has established a good start in her early career.

On the road of entrepreneurship, she always self-encourage, strive for excellence, and finally create her blue sky. She believes that as long as we are willing to learn for change, you will succeed. Her motto is: "If you can do it, so do I"

The company’s name High Touch e Wealth Management was chosen by her which brings the meaning of our philosophy in our business practices. We will always highly touch on client’s problem and providing the best solution in managing their wealth exponent

At the same time, her excellent experience in training and coaching on financial entrepreneurs has make her successfully helps many of her associates achieve their goals in life.

We invite you to learn more about our company and the extraordinary opportunities that are available to you within the financial planning industry.