Coloring your future – Our Priority

We are looking for individual who are passionate about financial planning and putting servicing people as their core work to be one of us. You will be train to be a successful Registered Financial Planner and Certified Financial Planner entrepreneur. We welcome committed & dynamic individual to join us in building our financial planning kingdom. Be one of us!




Be a Forerunner in Syariah Compliance Financial Planning

We are very keen in stretching our partnership with self-motivated, independent & highly responsible Bumiputera in penetrating our financial services business especially in this blue ocean market-Malays market.

If you are the one, join us & start building your million dollar business now.

Be a pioneer or never!



Career Enquiries

For all career related enquiries, please contact Ms Teu Lee Lian at 06-288 1719 or alternatively, submit the form below: