The journey towards financial freedom can start with the saving of one dollar today.

Financial Planning involves identifying your financial goals throughout your life, and prioritizing them.

High Touch offers a various range of financial solutions and wealth management services for an individual and corporation.



Individual & Family

In order for an individual to achieve financial freedom, a prudent financial planning is needed.

Our personal financial planning services specialize in six important areas, including

  • Risk Management & Insurance Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Taxation Planning
  • Estate Planning

Our professional planners team will help to customize a financial plan which is best tailored made to each client’s needs and financial goals.


  • Business Succession Planning
  • Key Man Planning
  • Selective Executive Retirement Planning
  • Group Employee Benefits
  • Partnership Insurance

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Other Services

General Insurance coverage on Fire & Burglary, Motor, Public Liability etc

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Risk Management & Insurance Planning

Every time you use your credit card or take a loan, you are creating a debt that you may not live to pay.

Financial risk management and insurance planning is important because of uncertainty of what might happen at every second in our daily life. Nobody can predict what tomorrow brings. Therefore, we need to be proactive to ensure our personal and family’s financial security plan is prepared. It is also a great way to show your love and ensuring your own peace of mind.

Insurance itself is an important element of any sound financial plan. Different kinds of insurance help protect you and your loved ones in different ways against personal financial risks for instance, the cost of accidents, illness, disability, and death.

For business enterprises, insurance can be used to maintain your financial stability in the event of loss of critical assets or key person.

‘It is always better to be safe than sorry’

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Retirement Planning

Retirement is a journey not a destination.

Planning for your retirement years is an important consideration that you should address as early in your working career as possible, but it is never too late. Pension funds and personal savings may not be enough to meet your expected lifestyle during your retirement.

Early planning for retirement is critical because it typically takes many years to accumulate the necessary funds to live comfortably when you no longer enjoy the advantages of a salary. Have you set your retirement goal? It is advisable that your retirement goal must have a strong purpose to energize and drive you as you move towards that goal.

What will life be like once you stop working full time? Have you ever thought of your ideal retirement lifestyle? You may dream of traveling, spending quality time with your loved ones, enjoying your favorite activity or dedicating time and talent to charity.

Without prudent planning, coupled with the effects of inflation; your savings may not be enough to secure your ideal retirement lifestyle.

How much retirement funds is required for your golden years?

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Investment Planning

Each time you invest or save, you are adding bricks to your bridge towards riches and financial security.

Investment means putting your money to work to earn more money. Investment Planning is the major part of financial planning. There are many investment vehicles in the market, ranging from low risks to high risks. Whether you are a young adult who is just starting out or a high net income business owner, you will need to determine your investment goals. You need to identify if they are short term (less than 5 years) or long term (more than five years) investment goals. More importantly, you need to determine the suitable investment tools to meet your desired investment returns. Besides your individual requirement, your investment strategy would also depend upon your age, personal circumstances and your risk appetite. Investment Planning further helps you to strike a balance between risk and returns. By prudent planning, it is possible to arrive at an optimal mix of risk and returns, which suits your particular needs and requirements. Please feel free to get our professional assistance.



Education Planning

Is education the best gift a parent can offer their child?

We, as a parent, always want to provide our child best education to make sure his future is secured. But most of us neglect the importance of child education planning, and result is that parents are under the mountains of loans at the time of need, which not only affects the savings they have made for their retirement but also their personal financial budget for family

It is important to start and execute the plan as soon as possible. The earlier you start, the more time your money will grows, and the better you’ll benefit from of the power of compounding.

Education fees tend to increase by more than the general rate of inflation and therefore, any effective plan needs to have returns that able to hedge the inflation.

Your child’s future depends on what you do now, so careful planning and budgeting are essential to ensure that you have adequate savings available when your child goes to university.

Let us help you in having more structured approach to plan for your child education.

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Taxation Planning

There is this saying, nothing is certain in life except death and taxes.

Tax planning is an important aspect of personal financial planning. The less tax you pay, the more income you can accumulate. Therefore, you have to explore various ideas to reduce tax payment legally which called tax avoidance. You may be investigated and penalized by Internal Revenue Board if you practice illegal process of tax evasion. Tax planning helps to minimize your wealth leaks due to unnecessary tax payments and penalties. By taking advantage of even a few of the tax breaks that you're legally entitled to, you can substantially increase your net worth and dramatically improve your financial plan. Let’s us help you to preserve your wealth. Kindly refer to "Find Out More'' for details.



Estate planning

I want to leave my children enough that they feel they can do anything, but not so much that they do nothing.”~ Warren Buffet

Estate planning is an important process for the smooth succession, distribution and transfers of a person’s assets while alive or upon death to beneficiary whom he wishes to benefit. Therefore, Wills Writing & Trust Creation is the important tools in estate planning to minimize your wealth leakages due to unnecessary estate administration expenses, taxes, delay and family disputes.

The ultimate transfer of your assets to your heirs requires meticulous planning if you are to avoid excessive reduce of your estate.

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Business Succession Planning

People are a company's best assets.

Business Succession planning is a process of identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key business leadership positions in the company. Succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume these roles as they become available businesses in the event of financial hardship or upon their disability, retirement, critical illness or death.

Therefore, establishing a sound business succession plan is beneficial for most business owners and can be absolutely necessary for some.

However, partnership is also a double-edged sword. Complications can arise when a partner passes away. The surviving partners have to decide whether to:

·Liquidate the business and divide it among the surviving partners and the estate of the deceased partner.

·Allow the deceased's heirs to take over that share and become business partners.

·Buy over the deceased partner's share from his/her family and continue the business.

Take the first step towards ensuring the continuity of your business with minimal disruptions.

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Key Man Planning

A debt should not last longer than the person who created it.

Key Man Planning is not done because a key executive might die but the business must carry on with more certainty and profitability after his demise.

The healthy liquidity position of a business is the key to survival in the short term. If not, there is no long term to talk about.

Key man plan is real cash, real profits and real assets to the business when the key executive dies.

Make provision to cushion the possible financial impact of losing your key executive.

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