High Touch Nite is back! We have successfully organized our annual appreciation night on 29 Dec last year. This year we themed our nite as “Colourful journey, live life to the fullest” as we hope that all our family, friends and love ones lead a life as colourful as rainbow blessed with happiness & dream come true.

In High Touch, we believe a successful life starts from the simplest way of living, a feeling of gratitude. As there is so much work and key performance indicators (KPIs) to meet every day, many have neglect this simple act of love. We never know maybe with a word of “Thank You”, we could just light up someone life for the entire day.

Looking back to memory lane, we have our very first High Touch Nite in year 2009 with less than 20 people but this year we proudly announced that we have more than 80 people. Awesome!!!

Thank you for all your supports and trust in us! We, at High Touch thanked you from the bottom of our heart. We love you.

See you next year!


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Posted on 10 Aug 2017
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